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Wild Friends Nut Butter

We’re Wild for Wild Friends

We are just wild about Wild Friends Nut Butter. More importantly, so is Glamour magazine, O, Oprah Magazine and the Huffington Post. And a recent appearance on ABC’s popular show “Shark Tank” helped propel them into the national spotlight.

From college co-eds to CEOs, the co-founders of  Wild Friends Nut Butter are a mission: to bring their tasty, all-natural line of nut butters to the world. One jar at a time.

Their manifesto includes fun tenants such as: “Real food made by real people,” “Grow organically,’ ”Be a business with a brain and a heart,” and “Eat Peanut Butter. Eat Salad too.”

They have it all. Great products, a great story, a great brand and are committed to doing the right thing. We are honored to be working with this great food company and encourage you to join the Nut Butter revolution. Viva la peanut!

P.S. Oprah’s favorite flavor? Pretzel Pizazz

Founders Keeley and Erika

On a grocery store PB run!