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Radiance in the News!

They like us. They really like us! Check it out. Radiance Communications is profiled in PR Week.

PR Week Article

Article Excerpt follows

Wild Friends Nut Butter was founded in January 2011, shortly after University of Oregon students Erika Welsh and Keeley Tillotson made the first batch of homemade peanut butter in their apartment. Welsh and Tillotson hired Radiance Communications to help promote an appearance on ABC’s popular Shark Tank to drive consumer demand and broaden retail distribution.

“Eight million people were going to watch Shark Tank, so it was important to hire a PR agency…to help us leverage our appearance and to professionally introduce our brand and product to a national audience,”  Welsh shares.

“The Shark Tank appearance afforded a great national opportunity, and we looked to get as much coverage as possible using it as the news hook,” explains agency principal Sunshine Morrison. “Media coverage is a nice tool to show distributors, and we wanted to expand store sales beyond Oregon.”
Social media outreach and a viewing party also drove awareness.

Custom pitches and product samples were sent to national broadcast and print media outlets covering health, fitness, parenting, business, and teen topics. Morrison also engaged reporters on Twitter and used a
“peanut butter rap” video previously created by Welsh and Tillotson to pique reporters’ interest. The team also reached out to The National Peanut Board, which included product samples in its outreach to nutritionists and mom bloggers and posted information about Wild Friends Nut Butter on its website.

Result Highlights
Both average online orders and the daily order volume increased . 

The company landed new distributors and retailers.

More than 30 stories (nearly 2 million impressions) ran in outlets including USA Today and Shape

Media coverage also led to a deal with