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Save Your Bacon

“Save Your Bacon” direct mail campaign makes food manufacturer squeal with delight.


If you build it, will they come? That was the question Reser’s faced after building a new, state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot kitchen and R&D lab filled with 20 crazy-smart chefs, food scientists, QA/QC technicians and food safety experts.


Rise above the noise to secure new business meetings with top retail and food-service executives.


We created a direct mail campaign with five “bacon-themed” care packages. Each month, we sent prospects a package that showed them how Reser’s could help “save their bacon” by guiding them through product development, commercialization, product safety, consumer insights, and sensory testing.

We worked with Reinke Creative to create the professionally designed and well-branded care packages. Each contained a bacon-themed gift such as: Bacon chocolate (it’s surprisingly good), bacon band-aids (for food safety) and…well, you get the picture.


The campaign was well received– and memorable. “Hey, you’re the bacon folks…” we heard time and time again. More importantly, we secured meetings for Reser’s head chef to “sell” their R&D services and created warm leads and a “savory” reason for the sales team to call on important prospects.