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“Eco-friendly” Cabinet Line

New Product Launch: “Eco-friendly” Cabinet Line

Neil Kelly ecofabulous cabinets


We helped Neil Kelly Cabinets secure product reviews for their new line of eco-friendly cabinetry.


Get ink—and get green-minded consumers excited about—this uber-rustic new cabinetry line.


Our approach? Tell the story behind the story—including how the cabinets are helping to create US jobs, restore the natural ecosystem and even save an endangered species (the Western sage grouse).


Positive product reviews in several design and shelter publications. Here’s what the fine folks at EcoFabulous had to say, “These wondrous wood creations are in a league all their own, paying homage to the elements from which they were sustainably sourced and looking darn good in the process. And no matter what your style persuasion, be it country house traditional or ultra modern, you’ll find designs in the collection that’ll help you build your dream interior….. Racking up points on the LEED ratings system and in terms of sheer good looks, you won’t have to knock on wood hoping that these beautifying adornments avoid harming Mother Nature.”Ah, shucks!