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Foodservice Media Event

Welcome to the PR equivalent of speed-dating

For the past six years, Radiance has attended what has to be every foodie’s dream – a conference focused on food!  Each year, we fast for the week leading up to this delicious event. In 2013, the International Foodservice Editorial Council (IFEC), will be held right here in Portland, Oregon. We are busy preparing for 10-minute meetings (feels a bit like speed-dating) with editors from Flavor & The Menu, Foodservice and Hospitality, and Nation’s Restaurant News and other publications focused on the foodservice industry.

The conference hosts food tours to showcase the area’s bounties. Attendees from across the country will have the opportunity to visit local icons like Stumptown Coffee, Moonstruck Chocolate, Bridgeport Brewing Company, Kookoolan Farms, Annen Bros Farms,  Olympic Provisions and Steven Smith Teamaker.

We’re looking forward to putting on 5 pounds of pure joy. Oh, and helping our foodservice clients become a bit more famous.

Portland hosts national foodservice conference in 2013

See everyone in Portland!