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Ready For A Crisis?

Best Practices for Communicating During a Crisis

Does the thought of a product recall keep you up at night? What about plant accidents, regulatory sanctions, negative press or a disgruntled employee taking her grievance online? We’ve helped many executives successfully navigate a crisis—and sleep a lot easier.

10 Communications Best Practices

       Prepare with a “mock crisis” training day

       Conduct media training for all spokespeople

       Build positive goodwill with your key audiences before a crisis event

       Acknowledge the problem immediately

       Become the news-breaker

       Use social media

       Monitor the full range of communication channels: TV, print, radio, online, social media

       Be accountable, be open, be honest, be transparent

       Communicate with compassion, concern and empathy

       Make it right

Be accountable, open, honest and transparent. And make it right.